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Summer is here!

It’s no time to take a break from caring for yourself, so up and at ‘em ladies! Summer is here… and what are you doing about your skin? It’s no time to take a break from caring for yourself! Sun block is VERY important. Protecting ourselves down here in the Southern Hemisphere is extremely important, [...]

Reversing hair loss

Here are some hints on how to help encourage re-growth but be warned, if there are other reasons for hair loss, they may not cure the problem, especially if they are stress related. Try drinking this – blend bananas with honey, yoghurt and low-fat milk. A drink rich in biotin can help keep your crowning [...]

Have a good soak

Relaxing in a tub for even just ten minutes can help to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, with beneficial results for both your beauty and your health as an added bonus. Fill your tub with warm water at a comfortable temperature for you – the water should never be too hot. Extreme temperatures drain [...]

Confidence can be helpful in making choices about colours for your makeup collection

There’s a lot of colour choice out there at the moment for lipsticks and eyeshadows. One thing that is always great for a summer look is a tinted lip gloss, with colours of ginger, pink, berry. Add a dash of mascara to the lashes and you’ll be set for a hassle free smart summer look. [...]

Back to nature

Did you know that your skin is your body’s largest organ? Keeping this in mind, skincare should be one of your top priorities in your beauty routine. Skincare can often be neglected or mistreated by using unnatural products which can ultimately damage your skin. Natural products containing nourishing botanicals are essential for repairing and protecting [...]

Face masks!

Nothing makes you feel more pampered than steam, hot soaks and and a facial. The best place to apply any facial is in the bath, where you needn’t worry about drips and interruptions. The steam will also open the pores to release impurities missed during cleansing. Oatmeal and Honey Mask Mix either raw or cooked [...]

Aging skin

Usually when you think of aging skin, you think of wrinkles, age spots and leathery skin. Few people are aware that these typical symptoms are not symptoms of aging but a result of exposure to the sun. Aging causes increased dryness, a decrease in sweating and changes in hair growth and facial contours. After the [...]

Take your shoes off

Take your shoes off

Have you ever been really tired at the end of a long day and then felt better when you removed your shoes? Shoes trap energy around the feet and that could be one of the reasons for feeling tired. So take your shoes off whenever you can and give your feet as much air as [...]

It doesn’t have to cost heaps of money to have lovely hair

Wonderful hair doesn’t need to cost a fortune, and a simple cut can look fantastic. The trick is to find a cut that really suits your face and your hair texture. We’ve all had our BAD HAIR days and I for one have had my fair share. Choosing that elusive style can be a big [...]


Instead of buying a special eyeliner pencil, eye shadow will work just as well for lining your eyes. Use a fine eyeliner brush or a square-shaped eye lining brush for the best control in making fine lines. You can use a narrow sponge-tip applicator if you want a wide line. Smudge with an eye shadow [...]