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Moisturising and hydrating

One of the best moisturisers to wear is an SPF 15+ sunscreen – every day, summer and winter, this will generally provide your skin with enough moisture to see it through the day. At night use a good moisturising cream and once or twice a week use a moisturising mask to keep your skin in [...]

How to do a french manicure

Ever admired those ladies with beautiful french manicures and thought they were exclusive to people with more money or less reluctance to spend than you? Well follow the steps below to achieve this fantastic look on your own. STEP 1 It’s essential to prepare your hands and nails before applying nail polish. First, exfoliate your [...]

Caring for your beautiful delicate eyes

Eyes are the most important feature of your face as we tend to notice them first when we look at a person. So how do we make them stand out and look great? For many people, the eye area can be a real problem. This is one of the first areas to show the signs [...]

Great lips

Keeping your new shape subtle is the key to improving your lip line. A balanced, symetrical look can be achieved by clean, soft lines and a smooth colour application. To guarantee your improved lip shape is a smooth, professional finish, draw your corrected lip line in with a sharp lip pencil of a matching colour, [...]

Bloom like a new tulip, with winter care its more than possible!

Autumn is here and Winter is only around the corner. I hope your getting the tulip bulbs in the ground ready for blooming time! Its the same for us. Just because the sun is lower in the sky and the rainy days are here more often, doesn’t mean that we should let up on the [...]

Beautiful hair

Beautiful hair

How many times have you heard the phrase ‘her hair was her crowing glory’? As a plus sized lovely lady, I have always been quite vain about my hair – I always felt it was the one area where I could outdo other women. I wore it long for many years, swishing it over my [...]

Quick nail tips

Healthy nails and toenails are beautiful nails, I am sure we would all agree. But some of us have to work harder to achieve this than others, so for you cutically challenged ones out there, here are some quick tips. Get a manicure Set aside twenty dollars or so to get a manicure AND pedicure. [...]

Weak and peeling nails

Weak and peeling nails

Do you have trouble growing your nails because they always split and break at the ends? This can be caused by dry nails – often because they have spent too much time in water, handling harsh soaps and detergents or even hormonal imbalances. But don’t panic, dry nails can be cured: it just takes the [...]

Applying a fake tan

Being naturally tanned is no longer considered healthy but that hasn’t stopped us all admiring those with lovely burnished brown skin. So what is the answer if you can’t afford the time or money to spend hours on a tanning bed (not the healthiest alternative either we are told)? Why, good old fake tanning products, [...]

Grow those beautiful nails

Grow those beautiful nails

All my life I dreamed of having beautiful long nails. Nails that didn’t crack or split or break (or get bitten off immediately they grew beyond the end of my finger ). Nails that would make my pudgy short little fingers into long oh so elegant ones. Well, dreaming has gotten me no where so [...]