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Summer skin secrets

Summer can be a stressful time for your skin and it’s worthwhile trying something new to revitalise tired summer skin – or to pamper yourself any time of the year! Red blotchy legs It is the shaving cream that is the likely cause. Shaving creams, gels, foams or soap can irritate your skin’s open pores [...]

Choosing a flattering hairstyle

For some of us, there is no leap of faith greater than deciding to try a new hairstyle. Yes, the old saying is generally true and there is only about 6 weeks difference between a bad hair cut and a good one – but who wants to spend 6 weeks with a towel on their [...]

Stretch marks

Stretch marks can be a nuisance and they are not easy to get rid of. If you already have them, do keep in mind that it will take time, patience and regular skincare before you can fade stretch marks away. So what can you do? Here are a couple of remedies to try: Massage your [...]

Loving our feet can be pure heaven!

Loving our feet can be pure heaven!

Feet. Yes Feet! Fetish or not they are there and they make us all react in different ways. I for one can only handle my own feet, anyone elses grosses me out! I can’t even give my own mother a foot treatment or clip her nails, sorry just can’t do it! I never really thought [...]

The shortest tennancy

The briefest time I have ever lived in one house began, and ended, during the mid-winter of last year. I had spent the early part of the winter living in a big renovated villa with my partner and two children. The cold and damp had driven us to find somewhere smaller and warmer. After several [...]

Your favourite colour

What do the colours you choose say about you? Have you ever noticed that you can feel quite different when sitting in a room with red walls from when you are in a room with blue walls? When you go to the doctors’, do you feel calm while you sit in his waiting room? When [...]

The healing power of crystals

Crystals have been used for healing purposes for centuries, and have grown in popularity in recent years. Every crystal has its own special properties and benefits, and is used for a specific purpose. When making the decision about which crystal to buy, it is best to go on instinct. Browse the crystals on offer, hold [...]

Country tranquility

I could understand the rest of my family’s enthusiasm about our new home, it was beautiful. My husband’s urgent job transfer had left us having to relocate in a hurry to a rambling old homestead with enormous grounds completely surrounded in trees. Beyond the trees were acres and acres of wheat fields, the nearest neighbours [...]

Skeletons in the attic

Skeletons in the attic

Only my little sister and I slept up there, it was more a sort of converted attic than a true second floor. As well as bedrooms with very low dormer ceilings, there were little cupboard doors on the landing that lead out directly into the roof space. I thought it was terribly romantic up there, [...]

Clubhouse mischief

I have to admit, when I read this story to myself, it seems pretty hard to believe and I don’t know to this day if it really happened or if there is some logical explanation for it. Even though it makes me feel a little foolish, I will tell what happened and you can make [...]