Accessories: the handbag

Accessories are big business and purses or handbags, in particular, have taken center stage as more and more designers pick up on their huge market potential. So as a result, there are lots of handbag options.

Accessories: The Handbag

Bag Basics

Every woman should have at least two everyday bags: one for the cool weather months and another for summer and the warmer days. The following are some guidelines for purchasing both:

  • Style: over-the-shoulder or backpack styles are very good choices for your everyday bag. They are functional and classic, they will certainly do the job as well as keeping in style for many seasons.
  • Materials: good quality leather is best, it will look great all year round, even when it gets older, the worn look is even better. In the warmer weather, a lightweight bag made of canvas, straw, or rope will perk up your summer wardrobe.
  • Size: the size of the handbag should not be too big or too small. The over-the-shoulder style needs to hang comfortably and not so long that it adds extra weight to the hip.
  • Color: neutrals colours are the best choice for everyday handbags. The following are some general colour guidelines, however, you may find other neutrals that work just as well.
  • Winter: dark gray, black, or navy, soft white, stone, taupe
  • Spring: tan, brown, pewter, or navy stone, buff, bone, ivory
  • Summer: rose-brown, cocoa, medium gray, or gray-blue, soft white, stone, taupe
  • Autumn: dark brown, medium brown, pewter, or camel, stone, buff, bone, ivory

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