Applying a fake tan

Being naturally tanned is no longer considered healthy but that hasn’t stopped us all admiring those with lovely burnished brown skin. So what is the answer if you can’t afford the time or money to spend hours on a tanning bed (not the healthiest alternative either we are told)? Why, good old fake tanning products, of course!

Nothing is ever that simple though, now is it? The first time I used fake tan I ended up looking like a good candidate for water blasting and sanding. Here are some tips that are much more fun when you find them out before you turn yourself patchy and orange!

look tanned the safe and easy way.

  • Exfoliate the skin you want to tan first. This is very important so make sure you take the time to do it.
  • Rinse your skin thoroughly. There can be no soap film from your last bubble bath or the tan will not apply correctly.
  • Do not apply moisturiser before applying the tanning product.
  • Thoroughly rub the self-tanner into your skin to avoid any streaks.
  • Do not apply it to your knees, elbows or feet – these areas tend to be dry and more absorbent so they will look darker than the rest of your skin.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly to remove the product. This is one place that you don’t want colour to develop!
  • Allow colour to develop.


Apply your self-tanners lightly. Extra layers can always be added later if needed.

Dark red toe nails will look great with your freshly tanned legs.

Be sure to protect your skin with a sunscreen of at least SPF 20. If you plan a day in the sun and water, be sure to remember to apply a waterproof sunscreen. It will need to be reapplied ever hour or so. Don’t forget!

Sunless tans go dark in patchy places because the skin is too dry. Dry skin soaks up the tan, hence the need to apply moisturiser before the sunless tan. Also don’t be too sparse in massaging the tan in, the more you do this the more even the tan will apply.

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