Beating the competition

There are many factors involved in why a customer chooses to give their business to one organisation over another and not all of these are within your control. It’s doubly important then to take a long look at the factors you can influence and ensure that you are doing everything you can to be attractive to your target consumers.

Your Product

How does your product compare to your competition’s? Can you offer better quality? A better range of products or a better guarantee? What is your point of difference?

Your Service

Something many business tend to neglect is service. You must never forget that service is one of your products. Aside from your main product, you have the opportunity to provide superior service. By providing friendly, responsive service you can stand out from many of your competitors.

Your People

Your people are the key to providing customers with superior service. How careful are you when you hire them? Certain personalities are better than others for service positions, sales positions, administrative positions, etc., do you take this into consideration?


Training is another important area. It’s imperative that you spend the time and money to train your people thoroughly when they first take up a position with your company and on a regular basis thereafter. Like you, your staff should be constantly learning. Only then can you offer your customers the kind of expert staff they’ll want to come back to deal with.

Your Office

How’s your location? How about your hours of operation? Are they convenient for your customers – or convenient for you?

How does your office, store, or factory look? Is it clean and organised or quite the opposite? No matter what your business, appearances do matter. Is your facility giving out the message that you take your business seriously, that you are a professional? Or are your customers getting the message that you are disorganised in everything you do – including handling their order?

Distinguishing yourself goes a long way toward gaining repeat customers and referrals. A happy customer will tell people about you and is your best sales tool. This in turn means you can reduce your advertising budget and keep more in your pocket!

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