Beauty tips from our realwomen

From the number of beauty tips we have received over the years from our members, it’s clear that you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars trying to achieve the movie star look.

Here we’ve gathered together all the tips you have sent us, using ingredients found in every kitchen cupboard which we are told will work just as well or even better than the most expensive of cosmetics.

Spinach Moisturiser.

Try this home made vegetable moisturiser if your skin is a little dry.

Cook eight whole spinach leaves in 1/2 pint of cream for three minutes. Drain the spinach cream into a container to rinse your skin with later. Leave the spinach leaves to cool to a warm temperature, then press them flat on your face and mold them to the contours of your face and neck. Relax for 30 minutes. Peel off the leaves and rinse your skin with the spinach cream. Pat your skin dry and your face will feel great!

Shiny Hair.

For beautiful shiny hair try rinsing your hair with the juice of six lemons (no pulp) after using shampoo and conditioner. Work juice through your hair and rinse out well with cold water.

Shiny hair (2)

First rub mayonnaise through dry hair and let sit 5 min. Rinse it out with cool water.

Second, Use an herbal essence shampoo to wash it all out. Rinse this out with cool water.

third, have an herbal tea such as celestial seasonings with a little honey added to it cool and ready because you are going to pour this over your clean damp hair and leave it in. Towel dry.

Next pour a little aloe vera gel into your hand and run it through all of your hair. Let it dry in.

Natural Beauty Scrub.

Add a small amount of bran to your current cleanser to create a natural beauty scrub. The bran will penetrate your pores to remove impurities and dead skin and leave your face feeling fresh and clean.

Sexy Lips.

For a natural look for lips this season why not try skipping the lip liner in favour of smudging on lip colour with your fingers. Begin applying the lipstick to the centre of your lips with a lip brush, then using your finger, smudge the colour over the rest of the lip area. Top off with some clear gloss for moisture and shine.

Flaky Scalp.

For a flaky, oily scalp mix together 3 tbsps of apple cider vinegar with 2 tbsps of hot water and 2tbsps of macadamia nut oil. Use your blender to thoroughly combine ingredients. Ensure your hair is dry, then with your head over the sink, pour mixture over your head, working it well into your scalp. Wrap the top of your head in plastic food wrap or wear a shower cap for 25 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly, brush your scalp lightly with a natural bristle brush to loosen dry skin and rinse well again to remove the loosened dry skin, then shampoo and condition as usual.

Eyeliner Trick.

Want well-defined eyes without messy mascara clumps? Try this trick: place your finger on the outer corner of your eye and pull gently to straighten your upper lid. Dot a sharpened eyeliner pencil as close to the lashes as you can, beginning toward the inside and moving outward. Sweep a pointed brush across the lid, connecting the dots and finish with a slight tip upward at edges. For bottom lashes, dot on pencil and use your finger to almost wipe the liner away for sexy definition.

Whiten cigarette stained nails by mixingup a paste of baking soda, lemon juice, andhydrogen peroxide. Soak your nails for 3-5 min. Rinse off. I guarantee this works. I discovered it when someone told me to quit smoking and my nails won’tbe yellow.

Banish Wrinkles.

A regular facials (every 4-6 weeks) will not only keep your skin squeaky clean, but will help reduce and prevent wrinkles as you get older. An intense facial massage exercises the face by stimulating your circulation, which will result in firmer, plumper facial muscles, giving your skin a smoother, younger appearance.

Add a few drops of lavender oil to cornstarch for a relaxing and healing baby powder.

Skin Tip.

Try changing your pillowcase nightly if you are prone to pimples. The bacteria and oil can build up on your pillowcases overnight and be reintroduced to your skin when you go to bed the following night.

I read that for really shiny hair, that a shampoo for horse’s tail’s is superior. I think the product is called ‘Tame and Tail’ or something similar. If somebody knows the correct name, please let us know.

If you must use hairspray, use an herbal one or make your own. There are recipes online. The store bought ones are full of chemicals and alcohol. Alcohol will dry your hair.

Lash Out.

Use tinted brow grooming gel on lashes instead of mascara. The gel will add thickness and colour to your lashes, without leaving a heavy or flaky finish behind.

Tea Bag Treat.

Chamomile tea can used for more than just drinking. After a busy day, toss a tea bag or two into the bath and then just lie back and relax for a half hour. Your senses will be soothed and you will feel refreshed and ready to face the world again. Perhaps some gentle background music would be a nice touch as well.

Circles Under Your Eyes?

When you have dark circles and bags under your eyes, don’t use concealer, instead draw attention to the top of your eye by applying a double or triple coat of mascara to upper lashes making them luscious and more noticeable, leaving bottom lashes ‘au naturel’ and less obvious.

Chapped Lips.

Chapped lips result from a loss of skin moisture, so anything you can do to stop water evaporation from your lips will help prevent the problem. Make sure you drink plenty of water to keep lips hydrated, use a humidifier in the house and protect them with a moisturizing lip balm.

Other Hair

Sexy hair can be achieved by spraying store bought body mist either on your hairbrush or straight in your hair. I learned this when they stopped making my favorite shampoo. It won’t damage your hair. You can look the ingredients up online. The scent lasts all day.

Frizzy hair can be controlled by adding extra conditioner. I like to wash out old hairspray pump bottles, then I add warm water and about 1 tbsp. hair conditioner. Shake it up. Spray on your hair every morning. Don’t wash it out.

I add a drop or two of honey to all my lotions andshampoos and conditioners. It softens hair and skin. Best of all, it doesn’t go ranchid. You can also add it to vaseline for lips. Add as much honey as you like, but not enough to make you sticky.

Honey also heals sores.

For dry hair, why not try rubbing olive oils into your hair. Leave in for a couple of hours and when your ready rinse out. But be sure to put the shampoo on your hair before ou get it wet otherwise the olive oil won’t come out!

Coconut oil is better than olive oil as is washes out easily, but you have to warm it on your hands first as its solid at room temperature.

If you like ponytails, use cloth, not rubber bands. Don’t dye your hair because it will kill the roots.

Lemon juice actually dries out the scalp. it has never been proven to lighten hair in the summer either. Instead the sun takes out the pigment of the hair therefore it may lighten however the lemon has nothing to do with it. For shiny hair rinse with cold water after a deep conditioner that will seal in moisture.

Add lemon, lime, orange and tangerine peels and a few vanilla beans to vodka. You will have a nice perfume. You have to add and strain these herbs every week. What you want is strong scent. Do not use the white part of these fruits. You can also add sprigs of mint and rosemary. Replace old herbs with new every week. How much herbs and fruit is up to you.

Mix honey and olive oil for a softening massage. It is also great for valentines day. You can even add vanilla extract or any other extract.

Straighter Hair

For straighter hair when you have enough time! Once you have washed and conditioned your hair, and blow dried, try to leave it for at least 2 hours. It lets your hair relax and is easier to straighten with straightening irons.

Rinse your hair in herbal teas. They not only darken hair after awhile, they are healthy for the scalp.

Lemon Scrub.

Lemon Yogurt Scrub is a refreshing exfoliator. Mix 2 tbsps of plain yogurt with 1 1/2 tbsps of finely-shredded lemon peel and 2 tbsps of apricot oil. This makes a wonderful moisturizing scrub which will keep your skin hydrated while at the same time, removing dead cells.

For a really close shave, try using a body scrub before shaving. For an even longer lasting shave and super smooth legs, try a thick paste of vaseline, add to that a body scrub, add to that a cleansing gel. Rinse all then shave with a new blade. See if this technique helps keep the nubblies at bay for a day or two longer.

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