Being thankful

A woman was asked why her hospitalized husband, who had been noticeably discouraged the day before, now seemed so much better.

She explained that he began to immediately improve after something had happened the day before. She had been sitting by her husband’s bedside, casually touching a pearl necklace that he had given her years before, when a thought came to her.

“Mac,” she said, “let’s start thinking of every wonderful experience we’ve had in our lives, one for each of these pearls.”

They started way back when they were first in love and that was the first pearl. Then they went along to their wedding day and then to their first baby. They continued recalling jobs, friends and everything else for which they were grateful, all the way down the string of pearls.

“When we finished with the last pearl, all the dark shadows had gone and happiness reigned in our minds and in our hearts from all the wonderful memories we had shared.”

This, was the turning point in her husband’s recovery.

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