Bloom like a new tulip, with winter care its more than possible!

Autumn is here and Winter is only around the corner. I hope your getting the tulip bulbs in the ground ready for blooming time!

Its the same for us. Just because the sun is lower in the sky and the rainy days are here more often, doesn’t mean that we should let up on the beauty essentials.

What are the essentials? Well my darling friends I shall tell you.

1. Your skin care routine is still as important as ever; even more so with the air conditioners kicking-in the drying heat to keep you nice and warm. Your skin can dry out very quickly in Winter as well as go through some big shocks between hot and cold as we enter and exit our homes. So keep your routine going!! Cleanser, Toner, Moisturiser!

2. Winter can be a perfect time to concentrate on your feet. As you won’t be running about outside bare footed. Give yourself a foot bath, footscrub and then moisturise and put on your warm comfy socks. After a footbath its also a good time to trim those nails as they will be softer and easier to cut.

3. Also, do not forget your hands and nails. Our hands go through a rough time in winter as well, so don’t forget them!

I can hear you saying, “When do normal people have time to do any of this!?”. Well, I find I am more likely to do it at night while watching TV, after dinner is done and the washing-up is all put away. Especially in winter, as there’s no reason to go outside as its dark and cold. So use those dark warm times inside to keep the glow about your body as you take pride in yourself and your bodies health.

Beauty is not about covering up with makeup or trying to hide away behind a mask. True beauty is about caring for yourself and taking pride in your body.

I recently have been working on my Mother who is 61yrs old and who has never looked after herself because there was always someone else to care for before herself. She now has a skincare routine and has had great changes in her skin and the glow of it. I have just introduced her to French Nail Polish and she loves it. Everyone comment on her hands now, even clients ask her what she’s been doing and how wonderful it looks.

So please don’t think its too late to start, because its never too late to put yourself first.

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