Body fashion

I seem to devote a lot of words in here to distinguishing style from fashion. Fashion is merely a tool available to one’s style, a context for it at best. Now I can almost understand fashion when it comes to clothes, music, hairdos – things that can be changed regularly with little inconvenience. But has it occurred to anyone else as well, how absurd it is that certain physical characteristics can be more fashionable than others? That having high cheekbones somehow could make you ‘more beautiful’, or straight hair, freckles or lack of freckles, a large bust, no bust, long legs, thin legs, shapely legs, curved eyebrows, blah blah blah…

But, the two that really wind me up are these: upper arms and tans.

Upper arms: I wear sleeveless tops a lot at this time of year. I also have enough upper arm to flap happily in the breeze if I throw my arms about. Over the years I have heard so many women refuse to bare their upper arms because they weren’t taut and tight enough. OH PLEASE. Just because someone does not have the same upper arms as Courtney Cox or Jennifer Aniston (I promise not to get started on those two) doesn’t mean a darn thing. If we all got used to seeing ordinary upper arms then an ordinary upper arm would not cause anyone to look twice. Why get hot out of some sense of modesty? Let’s start a revolution, show the world what a Realwomen’s upper arm is capable of! Hey, I am doing them a service, moving more air about on those hot still days…(by the way, I notice how little people actually notice, maybe they are all too busy worrying if their hair is mussed up or everyone is staring at the miniscule zit on their chin)

Tans: Now this is a real killer, literally!! We shake our heads incredulously at the Elizabethan women who used to put poisonous lead compounds on their skin to make them look white, yet we will happily go out into the sun and bake ourselves. Or rub overpriced Vegemite on our legs and arms to get a fake tan?????!!!! This because getting a real tan can cause your skin to turn to leather and eventually kill you from skin cancer. So, we use a product that makes us LOOK as if we are trying to kill ourselves, because we still stick to the outmoded belief that a tan looks more healthy, and this is progress…I propose a new trend. How about using makeup to mark a slit throat, or fake a bruise or two around the temple, or a few gunshot wounds perhaps. Sounds preposterous but you know what? The only difference is what is fashionable.

Fashion, as I have said before and will say another zillion times and probably have engraved on my headstone for those who missed it, is just a bunch of people agreeing about something. So, if a bunch of us got together and agreed on something like ‘pale is interesting’, for example, we could start a new, healthy fashion. Fashion that values beauty in many diverse forms, and works to keep women alive and healthy. Now there’s a new idea…

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