Choosing a flattering hairstyle

For some of us, there is no leap of faith greater than deciding to try a new hairstyle. Yes, the old saying is generally true and there is only about 6 weeks difference between a bad hair cut and a good one – but who wants to spend 6 weeks with a towel on their head?

The tips below will help steer you towards the styles most likely to flatter your face, but they are a starting point only. Your new look is limited only by your imagination and remember, with confidence, you can get away with anything!

Listen to your hairdressers advice. After all it is their job to know what will look good on you. Ask their advice on the style you are wanting, and listen to what they say. Before you consider a hairstyle, pull your hair back from your face, and look at yourself in the mirror to decide what shaped face you have. It is important to know whether your face is oval, heart shaped, square, round or long.

Oval face

An oval shaped face is considered the perfect face shape, being evenly balanced top and bottom. Almost any hairstyle will suit your face, make sure you keep your face free of bangs etc to show off your natural shape.

Square Face

Because you have a very strong jaw line, you should choose styles that will soften it a little. Having soft curls or layers that sit around your jaw will help to soften it.

Heart Shaped Face

This shape has a wider forehead with the face tapering down to a narrower chin. Hairstyles such as chin length bob or styles that flip around the jaw line work best to balance this face shape.

Round Face

To make a round face appear longer, wear your hair in lengths that hang below the jaw line. Use layers and height around the top to give balance.

Long Face

Use bangs and wear your hair in styles above the shoulders. Part your hair to the side to help shorten the look of your face.


If your hair is flat, choose shorter styles that lend themselves well to a little more body. Layer thick hair to encourage wavy bounce.

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