Clean hands and nails make the impression

Clean hands and nails make the impression

When you shake hands with a new client( or friend) or an old one, they will notice your hands and nails. So taking the time to treat them well will improve their condition and help you project a healthy selfworth.

Firstly, always wash your hands after going to the bathroom, and I don’t mean let the water trickle over them and then dry them!! TUT TUT to anyone who does that! Use the soap and do it well! Use also a nail brush once or twice a day. Under our nails is a breeding ground for germs and lots of nasties, so keeping them clean is the first step to nice hands and nails.

Secondly, use a good handcreme every time after washing your hands. Keep one in the office at work, in the car, in the handbag. When massageing the creme into your hands focus a little bit onto the cuticals and gentally massage it in useing small circluar movements. What this will do is help to strengthen the cuticals so there’ll be no more ripping or tears!

Thirdly, apply sunblock to the backs of your hands every day, and reapply it before you step outside. Our hands age just as much as our faces, so don’t neglect them.

Fourthly, keep nails trimmed to a nice suitable length for your lifestyle. Gentally push back cuticles and keep them in a nice curved shape to frame your nails.

If you can make these ideas a part of your routine you will soon see the results for yourself and your hands will thank you for it.

And this is all without nail polish, so its easy to do for MEN and WOMEN.

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