Cleanse your face

Cleanse Your Face

The most important advice you can have is always, always remove your make up before you go to bed.

Wash your face twice daily – morning and night, this will help promote healthy skin. When cleansing, try to avoid harsh cleansers. Keep things simple, and often cheaper, try usinga plain old ivory soap. Other good soaps are Neutrogena or any glycerin based soap that does not have a heavy perfume.

Remember when you dry your face to pat and not rub. Use a moisturiser after washing your face. It is a myth that moisturisers cause pimples. Check that your moisturiser contains a sunscreen and is free of perfume. The sun and dry skin will help promote wrinkles so you are never too young or too old to wear a moisturiser.

One last tip – keep your hands off your face. Your hands carry all sorts of germs and to top it off, did you know that touch stimulates hair growth?

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