Confidence can be helpful in making choices about colours for your makeup collection

There’s a lot of colour choice out there at the moment for lipsticks and eyeshadows. One thing that is always great for a summer look is a tinted lip gloss, with colours of ginger, pink, berry. Add a dash of mascara to the lashes and you’ll be set for a hassle free smart summer look.

A good way to gauge what colours are ‘in’ is by taking note of photographs in magazines, or shop window displays. You’ll find that colours do the rounds regularly and once you’ve brought one of every colour that suits you, you can change your colours with the seasons and not have to buy new colours every year or month. Unless you use them every day of course!

Colours are a personal thing. You could go and get your colours done and find that you’d only wear a few of them. I did go and get my colours done years ago, and to be honest I’ve not ever really ‘lived’ by the ‘rules’….. if I like a colour and feel that it suits me, then I jolly well wear it. I believe there are NO RULES when it comes to fashion. There are guidelines, but it’s up to you to interpret them for yourself.

Now don’t let that frighten you! Sometimes its all as simple as remembering when people have told you that you look wonderful in that colour/hairstyle/lipstick. Don’t be afraid, fashion and makeup colours are about you expressing yourself, there is hardly ever a WRONG thing to do.

And if you’re still too scared to try being the BOSS… then go and see a consultant or one of the counter ladies in the makeup department… but remember they’re human too and they may not choose what you feel comfortable in. Trust yourself first and foremost when it comes to makeup and hairstyles….. you’ll look good if you feel confident, so make sure your needs are met first!

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