Do you have psychic ability?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you have already had a psychic experience!

We are all born with a certain amount of psychic (or “sixth”) sense. Some are born with a greater ability than others; just as Michael Jordan was born with a great talent for basketball, and Mozart a great talent for music. Strangely, psychic ability does seem to run in families – just like athletic and musical abilities do!

But what exactly is this skill? A psychic has the ability to tap into knowledge from a direct but inexplicable source of knowledge. Psychic ability can show itself in many ways and, in fact, each person receives information in a unique manner.

Below are some of the most well-known categories that describe these abilities.


From the French for “clear seeing,” this is one of the most common ways that psychic ability manifests itself. It refers to the ability to visually see things others can’t. A clairvoyant can see an image or event from the past, present or future. These events can be literal or symbolic.

Keep in mind that what a clairvoyant sees in the future does not always happen. We all have the ability to affect our future, and the clairvoyant’s vision is just one possible outcome. This is one of the reasons why the advice of a clairvoyant can be extremely helpful!


Literally meaning “clear hearing” this is when something (voices or sounds) is heard that is not present to the ear. Usually clairaudience is only audible to the psychic. Interestingly enough, clairaudients often claim to have one “psychic ear” through which they get their auditory impressions.


Another very common manifestation of extrasensory abilities, clairsentience is the ability to understand things outside the range of normal perception. This is exactly what people are referring to when they speak of a hunch or intuition. We all experience this when we know something is true without knowing how or why it is true. For some people, psychic experiences (especially clairsentience) are often accompanied by a certain smell or taste–such as the smell of roses.

Out of body experiences

These occur when the astral body (the field of energy surrounding the body) temporarily leaves the physical body. Out of body experiences are remarkable because the person can view their physical body, which appears asleep, and travel to distant locations.


On television, psychics looking for missing children are frequently seen touching an article of the child’s clothing or a personal possession in order to locate them. This is called psychometry and is the ability to tap into a person by touching an object belonging to that person.


The ability to move objects with the mind and interact with matter is called psychokinesis. The feats of famous spoon-bender, Uri Gellar, fall under this category.


There is no such thing as coincidence, but synchronicity does occur! It is what gives events the feeling of being predestined and linked. When our intuition leads us to be in the right place at the right time, seemingly without reason, it’s synchronicity; as is dreaming of a long-lost friend before they call or of a dearly-loved relative before they die.


Direct communication in real time between two minds without the use of the physical senses is called telepathy. Unfortunately, it is not a cheap alternative to long-distance because it only occurs when the sender is experiencing especially powerful thoughts or emotions. Always involving a heightened spiritual awareness for both the sender and receiver, telepathy is easily distinguished from fancies of the imagination or wishful thinking.

Now that you are familiar with a few of the many ways in which you can receive information, why don’t you try developing your own sixth sense. And you can be sure that your method of intuition will be as unique and special as you are!

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