Instead of buying a special eyeliner pencil, eye shadow will work just as well for lining your eyes. Use a fine eyeliner brush or a square-shaped eye lining brush for the best control in making fine lines. You can use a narrow sponge-tip applicator if you want a wide line. Smudge with an eye shadow brush. Using shadow over the pencil line is very long-lasting. Pencil alone smears and does not last. You can wet the eyeliner brush and use powder shadow to line your eyes. If you do this, wet the same corner of your eye shadow each time because once wet, it will no longer work well for dry application.

If you only wear liquid eyeliner occasionally, you can use your mascara instead. Dip the tip of a fine eyeliner brush on the tip of your mascara wand and apply like regular liquid eyeliner. This may not work as well with the thicker mascara formulas. If it does not go on smoothly, wet your eyeliner brush, and dab a blob of the mascara onto a piece of wax paper or tin foil. Only dip the wet brush into the blob of mascara and not into the tube to keep from contaminating your mascara tube with the water. Wash the eyeliner brush after each use. You can use an eyeliner brush recycled from an old tube of eyeliner. Just wash it out thoroughly and let it dry before you use it.

Fixing the texture of eye pencils. If you have a pencil that is too soft or keeps breaking when you try to sharpen it, put it in the freezer for 10 minutes. If a pencil tip is too hard, try warming it between your fingertips. If that doesn’t help, try rubbing a drop of baby oil or moisturiser into the tip. Wipe off the excess and test on the back of your hand first. For a pencil that has really dried out or hardened, soak the tip in a little bit of baby oil. However, this probably means the pencil is too old to be using and you should just toss it and buy a new one.

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