Fall in love all over again

Are you finding things becoming a little dull and predictable in the love department?

Do you feel as though you are being taken for granted?

If this is how you are feeling, chances are your partner is too. It is time to take some action and take some time out for love. Check out our list of ways to put the romance back in your love life and your mate will be wondering what hit him and falling for you all over again.

• Surprise your loved one. Cook a gourmet meal, get a babysitter, plan a date and make it a special time together.

• A date night is essential. Life generally gets in the way and before you know it, you haven’t had any quality alone time. Make a date with your partner and let nothing interfere with your plans.

• Give your mate a long passionate kiss. Not one of those quick pecks. Remember all those long affectionate, passionate kisses when you were first dating?

• Show genuine interest in your loved one. Ask how their day was and listen to their answer. Offer to help if there is a problem, showing you are interested shows that you care.

• Tell your partner why you love them. Tell them what it is about them that you love and the things that they do that you just adore. Love is so often taken for granted but it is so nice to hear the reasons once in a while.

• Make time to be alone together. That means quiet time. No television, no kids, no distractions. Take a quiet walk and talk about the important things.

• Lighten up and have some fun together. Do the dishes and the vacuuming really matter? Be choosy about what to complain about, make sure it is the important issues rather than taking the opportunity to have a bit of a whinge. Most times what is bothering you really doesn’t really matter that much.

• Learn to laugh together. Laughter can reduce your risk of heart disease and high blood pressure and it certainly makes life more enjoyable – especially if you laugh together.

• Concentrate on the positives. Make a list of all the things you love about each other. You will be surprised at what each other has to say.

• Plan a surprise trip or vacation. It can be as simple as getting in a babysitter and going out for the night, a weekend away, or as elaborate as an exotic vacation together.

• Make a tape of your favorite songs. Music is universal and can bring back loving memories of special times spent together with the first played notes. Remember the music you used to love and how you felt.

• Make every day special. For a week do something special for the other person. Whether it is a phone call, special dinner or time alone, doing something out of the ordinary is a sure fire way to get some attention.

• Remember what you used to love about the other person. Do things that you used to do when you first fell in love. What attracted you to the other person to begin with. Write a love letter. A mushy, romantic, even exotic one that will make your partner blush.

Sure as the sun rises, love has ups and downs and fades occasionally. Showing the other person you care is one way to spark a fire and put a little romance back into your life.

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