Why is it that some women find that their scent doesn’t seem to last for very long?

It is partly chemistry and it could be that you are not wearing the right sort of fragrance in the right way. There are different types of scent which vary in the amount of the actual essence which has been used to create them.

Perfume is the most concentrated form while eau de toilette has been expanded. Pure Perfume is the most expensive type of fragrance (and the best quality). Pure perfume should be applied to pulse points such as behind the ear, the wrist, cleavage and behind the knee. These points are where the blood is closest to the skin; the heat from the blood will expand the perfume and lift it off your skin. The best quality perfumes will not be found in a spray bottle.

Eau de parfum is the next strongest of fragrances and will most likely come in spray form. You can wear eau de parfum at a pulse point but it will last best if applied a little higher up the wrist, on the shoulders or anywhere on your body where there is body heat. Don’t apply directly over the pulse however – if worn over your pulse, you will find that it won’t last as long.

Eau de toilette is the most expanded and should be sprayed into the air and then walked through. You need to apply it to areas where there will be little heat from your body to expand and lift it – eau de toilette has already been expanded to the maximum amount and will simply smell strongly for a few moments and then disappear.

If it is too expensive for you to buy the pure perfume, then the best way to achieve maximum value is to layer. You can do this by applying a body cream of the scent and then the eau de toilette. Or you could try a bath gel and the eau de parfum.

There are always trends in perfume – what is the ‘in’ one to wear but there is something to be said about creating your own signature fragrance. Some scents evoke strong memories – childhood, special people, happy times. We often associate a particular fragrance with a person and the slightest waft of that perfume will bring the person to mind.

Don’t be fooled into thinking the cheapest is the best buy – sometimes the quality of the most expensive one is actually what makes it the best value. Fragrance is a wonderful luxury and should be enjoyed. Learning more about what you are buying and how to make the most of them you will and you can get the greatest benefit of your money – and the greatest enjoyment.

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