Grow those beautiful nails

All my life I dreamed of having beautiful long nails. Nails that didn’t crack or split or break (or get bitten off immediately they grew beyond the end of my finger Grow those Beautiful Nails). Nails that would make my pudgy short little fingers into long oh so elegant ones.

Well, dreaming has gotten me no where so far, so here are some tips I have put together in an attempt to turn daydreaming into action!

Aromatherapy Manicure

A wonderful treat after a busy day is to indulge in a luxurious aromatherapy manicure. Simply mix a few drops of your favourite essential oils into a fragrance-free massage lotion and massage your hands and arms for about five minutes each. Your skin will feel silky smooth and you will feel refreshed, relaxed and renewed.

Milk Manicure

If you have dry hands or feet, spoil yourself with a milk manicure or pedicure. Firstly soak your hands and feet in milk at room temperature. Then clean your nails, file them and finish off by massaging a Lactic Acid Milk Mask into your skin, to nourish, soften and smooth the skin and cuticles.

Filing Your Nails The Right Way

Don’t file your nails too fast as you can create heat and friction which can be very damaging to your nail. Never saw back and forth at the sides of your nail or cuticle areas as this can cause redness – use short precise strokes, filing one side of the nail and then the other.

Stop Nail Peeling

One of the best ways to prevent nail peeling is to avoid using harsh nail polish removers, detergents and dark nail polishes. To quickly improve your nails, cut your nails short, buff then moisturize them twice daily with a vitamin E lotion and don’t use any nail polish for at least one month and you will find that your nails will soon be restored to optimum health.

Polishing Nails Perfectly

When applying nail polish always apply the polish vertically to the entire nail, then swipe the brush sideways across the tip of the nail to seal the polish for a longer lasting manicure.

Hangnail Care

Hangnails are caused by excess dryness or unnecessary cuticle cutting and can become easily infected because hands come in contact with dirt, grime and germs. To avoid this, trim away the excess skin, then apply an antibiotic ointment. Pierce a 400 IU-vitamin E capsule and massage a drop into hangnail to soften and speed healing.

Cuticle Care

When spoiling yourself with a home manicure or pedicures, take the time to treat delicate cuticles with a little extra TLC by applying a cuticle cream to the nails on your hands and feet, followed by soak in warm water. Use an orange stick to push your cuticles back while soft from the soaking and remember, never cut them or you could end up hurting yourself and damaging your skin.

Nail Hardener Overdose

Formaldehyde overdose happens as a result of over enthusiastic overuse of a nail hardening product, this can leave your nails dry, stiff and brittle. If your nails become brittle, don’t apply more hardener to try to make your nails harder – you will actually do more harm then good. Try to work on a cycle of giving your nails a rest for one month following three months of use.

Keep a nail file handy

As soon as you notice a nail begin to catch on something, gently file away the rough place. Small splits quickly turn into large tears which then mean the nail needs to be cut. Quick action with a file can often save the nail. If you don’t have one handy, anything with a slightly rough surface will do in a pince – wooden fences, rulers, chopping boards the part of a matchbook used for striking the match and popsicle sticks have all worked for me in the past! Use for a file in a pinch.

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