How to find the right skincare program for your skin

First things first. To find the right system for you, you need to know what skin type you’ve got. Is it dry, is it oily, is it sensitive, does it need repair? Sit down in front of a good mirror and take some notes (write it down) what you see with your eyes. Then take notes on how you think your skin feels. Is it tight and sometimes feels dry and tired? Are you whipping oily shine away from your nose and forehead a lot? Once you’ve done that, go to your chemist/ consultant/ makeup counter and go through your notes with the nice friendly lady!

Or at the supermarket, read what each item says and cross your fingers that you pick a good one! Take note that if you think your skin is oily, you should not buy a product with oils in it, look for the one that says OIL FREE. I have oily skin and I found Ponds Oil Free was a good system for me to use when I started skincare. There are so many choices out there and no matter where you buy your products you always run the risk of buying something that’s not as perfect as you wished it would be – that’s why we all have so many unused bottles in our bathroom cabinets ay!

But as long as you’re aware of your skin’s needs then the chance of making a wrong choice is a little less. Don’t let this stop you from doing something wonderful for yourself, believe me it’s so worth the hassle! Another way to make a good choice is to go and get a facial, at a beauty salon, or with a consultant, and they’ll use what product they feel is right for you – don’t buy it on the day, go home and take note of how you feel and if you like that feeling. If you do then ring that consultant and place an order!!

Good luck and if you need any more help email me… I am always here to ask questions and to offer help!

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