I pledge alegiance

To all the things that are good about me…. And I shall from this day forward,

No longer try to be everything to everybody. Nor will I be someone I’m not.

I shall no longer use all my energies to fulfill the dreams of others while mine go unattended.

I shall use my assertive right to take charge of my life.

I shall never again know guilt, for this pain is self-chosen.

I shall fight the manipulators and their ploys by standing up for myself and my ideals.

I shall insist upon being treated with dignity and demand goodness in my life.

I shall speak the truth quietly and clearly, and listen to others.

I shall be the judge of my behavior, thoughts and emotions, and I shall be responsible for them.

I shall challenge putdowns.

I shall destroy negative thoughts and fears of rejections.

I shall not distress myself with imaginings.

I shall be gentle with myself and strive to be happy.

I shall live positively.


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