It doesn’t have to cost heaps of money to have lovely hair

Wonderful hair doesn’t need to cost a fortune, and a simple cut can look fantastic. The trick is to find a cut that really suits your face and your hair texture. We’ve all had our BAD HAIR days and I for one have had my fair share.

Choosing that elusive style can be a big worry for many of us, and even I have sat in the chair with my fingers and toes crossed begging God “Please let this work!”. But as my Nana used to say “Don’t worry it’ll grow back!”… and it always has.

Your hair style should make the most of your wonderful features, and please don’t keep a long fringe to hide behind. Our eyes are one of the things people notice first and if they’re hidden by hair then you’re certainly showing no confidence in yourself.

I personally am a fan of a thin fringe as it looks lighter and less weighed down, which opens the face up and lets the light in. But I shall admitt I’ve seen some great styles with a heavy thick fringe. So, everyone’s opinion is different and that’s why it’s MOST important that YOU know what you feel comfortable with.

After all, it’s you who has lived with your head of hair all your life. You know its habits.

Once you’ve found a hair cut that you like the next step is to make the most of it. The first and most easy step is this – keep getting a regular trim. I was forced to see how important that is when at Maryanne’s wedding my hair looked fantastic and all I had done was gone and gotten a simple trim. So no more waiting 6 months till I see the hairdresser again!

The next step is to keep your hair nourished. Make sure you condition your hair after washing it. And if you often use hairspray and styling products; that at least once a week you give your hair an intensive care treatment.

Now you can spend the big dollars in the salon buying their shampoos and conditioners. They are after all much more rich in their ingredients and have a better performance. But the supermarket is where most of us go. They also have many good products in their aisles and they’re at a better cost for you. But don’t forget that sales consultants also have haircare products – price ranges vary depending on which brand you prefer.

Before Nutrimetics, I used Dove and I LOVED their products. It’s a matter of trying things and judging how you feel your hair is reacting to them. There really are so many choices out there for haircare we can feel swamped. The next person you see with great looking hair – I dare you – to go and ask them what products they use!

You might just be given a tip that will suit your hair and make life a lot easier.

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