It’s not just luck

If you think that successful people are successful simply because they are lucky then think again. It may seem that way because we have been conditioned to believe in luck – good and bad. We pick up these beliefs and superstitions from others and then we behave as if it is true. Behavioral scientists and psychologists call it conditioning.

ALBERT EINSTEIN said, “The most incomprehensible fact about the universe is, that is it comprehensible.” Which simply means that nothing in the universe happens by luck or by accident. Just because you may not know what the cause is for success or for struggle, does not mean there is no logical cause. It just means that you don’t know the reason. Sure some people are successful even in the worst economy with terrible circumstances and then there are some people who struggle even in a booming economy with the best of circumstances. You can’t say that it is luck.

Employers in all types of businesses agree that optimistic, open-minded employees are more creative, more productive, more valuable, more in demand and are more inclined for greater and more rapid advancement than pessimistic, narrow-minded moaners.

Attitude is known to effect our mental and physical well-being. Have you ever noticed that two people in the same situation can look at it in two completely opposite ways?

The pessimist will look at it in the most negative manner while the optimist will look upon the situation as a positive experience. Logically thinking then, this means that undesirable circumstances and situations don’t cause our pessimistic attitudes, even though it may seem that way. If they did then everyone would have the same amount of pessimism and narrow-mindedness in the same situation, but they don’t. When you are pessimistic about anything, it is really a habit that is sending a message to your mind to think in the ways that cause the tense and stressful emotions.

Wearing yourself out looking for the ‘right’ opportunity will distract you from your struggle for success and will be a waste of time and energy unless you change the narrow-minded attitude that brought about struggle in the first place. Otherwise the struggle habit continues to do its thing – every opportunity you encounter.


“The greatest discovery of the 20th Century is that our attitude of mind determines our quality of life, not circumstances.” WILLIAM JAMES, Father of modern day psychology.

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