Keeping a clear head

You know it’s human nature to group things into bundles rather than consider them separately, we seem to store information in files with labels and find it hard to differentiate among the various contents of those files. Particularly when there is an emotional attachment to any of those items.

What has all this to do with Fashion and Style?

Sounds more like pop psychology doesn’t it. Well, that’s because it is all in our heads really isn’t it. Fashion may be real in the sense that you can see the shops, touch the clothes, feel the money you hand over for them, but it doesn’t really reside in any of these physical things, but in our understanding of them. I want to address one particular aspect of this? pricing.

Since I have been on this site, I’ve read dozens of complaints about the cost of large sized clothing. Complaints that boutique stores in particular are too expensive.

Let’s look at this for a minute. In ‘our’ market (actually it’s not really my market as I am a 30, which puts me past most large size clothing ranges anyway) there are boutique stores like Zebrano, Maxims, TCD, Precious Vessels, Extra Elegance. There are mid range stores like Bobbi’s, K&K, Kooky’s and Millers, and there are also stores like Farmers, The Warehouse, K Mart and the Fashion Factory whose ranges are very affordable. In the 8-14 market there are boutique stores like Beders, H&M, Country Road and Kimberleys, mid range stores like Principals, Max, K&K and Jacqui E, and there is also Farmers, The Warehouse, K Mart and Shanton.

What’s the difference?

I agree that there are less shops in the large size market than in the mainstream market. But you know what? There may be a lot more shops in each range but I know from experience of shopping with my size 10-12 friends that they all just sell variations of the same small range of styles.

What this all has to do with my first point is that I don’t believe there truly is a direct relationship between pricing and sizing. There are simply different shops for different markets. That has nothing to do with size!

I feel it is important to be very clear-headed about this. I am not advocating putting up with bad workmanship, service or quality, but to fight these battles effectively it is essential to do so in a clear-headed way. As consumers we have exactly the same rights as anyone else in NZ, no more and no less. If we have issues with suppliers or retailers, we need to approach these from a clear headed position, not taking it personally or feeling that this has been inflicted upon us because we are large. Maybe it has more to do with being women?

The menswear market seems so much more sensible than the womenswear market, but that’s another article in its own right! So, if somewhere along the line you filed your inability to afford boutique prices, or a resentment of the lack of variety available in your ‘Fat issues’ file, I recommend you separate them and take another look.

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