Loving our feet can be pure heaven!

Loving our feet can be pure heaven!Feet. Yes Feet! Fetish or not they are there and they make us all react in different ways. I for one can only handle my own feet, anyone elses grosses me out! I can’t even give my own mother a foot treatment or clip her nails, sorry just can’t do it!

I never really thought much about my own feet. They were there but I only noticed them when they got blisters or stunk too much!

But then came the day that I was putting on my satin jammies and my heals snaged the material! Yup, they were dry and flaking(not yet at the stage of cracking thank heaven!). I decided that I didn’t want my feet to turn into a ‘sore’ spot, so I had better do something about them!

I went to a secondhand dealer and brought a secondhand footspa. Got it home and gave it a darn good clean before I even tried it. But I laid out two towels one for the spa to sit on and one for me to dry my feet with.

I had with me a foot bath oil, a foot scrub and a foot lotion. Started with soaking my feet for about 10 to 20 mins in warm water with the oil in it, then I used the foot scrub, the dry and rough areas got more attention. Then after rinsing it all off I pat dried my feet and then applied the foot lotion, really rubbing it deeply into the rough/dry areas. Then I put on some snuggly socks and my slippers and let my feet heat up(kinda like a mini sauna for the feet).

Also just after putting on the foot lotion its also a good time to trim your toenails as they will be nice and soft after the soaking. And also for an extra benefit for your toenails, when applying the foot lotion rub a little extra into the cuticals and gentally massage it in.

For those of you who are prone to cracked heals or even just dry and rough areas it is a good idea to apply foot lotion after every shower or bath, then about once or twice a week do a full foot treatment depending on how you feel your feet are.

As you start caring for little areas of your body, eventually you’ll find your caring for your entire body and your loving it! :-)

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