Making your lipstick last longer is easy as 1 2 3

We all love our lipstick to stay on our lips as long as possible. But be warned, lipstick that is designed to stay on your lips all day can sap your lips of moisture causing flaking and splitting.

There are lip base products out there, which you apply to your lips before you apply lipstick. They will protect your lips from drying out but also will help cling onto that colour.

A good trick that I use almost all the time is to line my lips with lip liner and then colour them in with it also. It can change the colour of the lipstick into a darker shade or it can change the colour altogether depending on the colour lipliner you choose. Then place your lipstick on your lips and fear not about the colour wearing off too quickely.

Another way to make your lipstick itself last a bit longer in its casing, is to use a lipbrush to apply it, that way you are in control of how much goes on your lips.

And please don’t forget to blot. Blotting takes off excess colour and sets what is left behind.


Apply your lipliner around the edge of your lips.

Colour in the lips with the liner.

Apply your lipstick.


Re-apply a light coating of your lipstick…

and Voila…. you are ready to get pouty and kissy!

Be Happy and SMOOCH the world baby!!! :-)

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