Organise your life

We all could use some help in organising in our lives.

Organise Your Life

If we are more organised, not only will we feel good but our lives will be easier. Here are some simple hints for getting and staying well organised:

*Put it back in it’s place – try to make it a habit to put things back in their proper place as soon as you are finished with them and life will be much easier. Remind everyone to do the same and you will be saved from last minute panics trying to find the school books or that other sneaker.

*Try to do tasks as they arise, don’t put them off until another day. Fold clothes as they come out of the dryer and it will be a lot easier than waiting until you have 5 baskets piled high. Another good reason is that if folded while still warm, many clothes will not require ironing.

* Break up big jobs into smaller jobs. Spreading out the spring cleaning into 1 room at a time makes it more manageable. Don’t wait until spring to do the cleaning all at once. Spread the work over winter as well while so you have more time to enjoy the nice weather when it arrives.

* If you don’t have time to clean up properly and visitors are due, clear all the surface mess i. e. magazines etc. and tidy up the cushions. It is surprising how an uncluttered room also looks much cleaner. Straighten rugs and in the evening, close the curtains which will hide dirty windows. For a last minute freshen up in the bathroom, go quickly over the surfaces with a spray window cleaner and a paper towel, quickly scrub around the toilet with a brush, flush and you’re done. Remember your guests are there to visit you, not to inspect your house.

* Do as much as you can before you go to bed at night. Write any notes the kids need for school, get out lunch money if needed, prepare lunches and decide what everyone will wear. This will make your mornings go a lot smoother.

* If all else fails, hire a cleaning service to help or recruit help from family members and friends. It’s amazing how much fun a cleaning party can be.

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