Put your best foot forward

Having your footwear properly match your outfit can be a tricky proposition at times. Shoes can make or break an outfit, so it is very important to match them properly. Once you have chosen which outfit you are going to wear, and for what occasion, then you can decide which shoes you will choose to set the outfit off.

If you are planning to wear a long skirt, boots can provide the ideal look. Flat shoes can also look great.

For business attire, conservative plain medium high heeled shoes look best to give the professional look. Higher heels look best with higher cut hem-lines.

Nothing compliments jeans better than sneakers, or boots worn under the cuffs. Keep it casual. For looser pants with wide legs, especially cotton summer weight pants, flat sandals or other open toed shoes look best.

If the pants you are wearing are more business like, flat shoes look best, although a nice pair of high heals or chunky platform type shoes can set your look.

For dressy trousers or pants, consider wearing boots under the cuff, particularly if the legs are cut long.

If you are going for the casual look in a skirt, you can’t go far wrong with a nice pair of chunky soled shoes. These provide a little pizazz to any casual outfit.

Capri pants are hot at the moment and these also look great with chunky soled or platform shoes. Tread carefully, though, when walking around at those heights!

If you don’t have long legs, avoid shoes that have straps across the ankle. The straps shorten the look of your leg, making it appear even shorter than it is.

Only buy shoes that you feel are truly comfortable, although there is room for some wearing in, if they are unbearable in the beginning the chances are you won’t wear them often enough to break them in properly.

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