Simple ways to promote your business

* Develop a mailing list and use it. Most businesses have started creating web-based mailing lists by offering a newsletter, but direct mail is still a valuable tool. Whichever route you choose, choose one!

* Always Say “Thank you” when someone purchases your products or your services. Send a handwritten “thank you note”. In this fast paced world of ours it’s refreshing to people to receive an “old fashioned” thank you and they’ll remember you next time they need some work done above all others.

* Flier & Brochures – No matter what anyone tells you even if you’re an online business you still need to attract people to your web site offline as well. Fliers and brochures peak curiosity and will help get those offline potential customers to click over to your web site for more information.

* Car Advertising – The big companies all advertise on their cars, and you should too. URL plates or stickers are a small investment to make which can carry your message to thousands while driving.

* Hold a Contest – Contests are a great tool for recognition and free publicity. You can send a press release announcing the event to the media for possible press coverage. By nature people love to win which is why holding a contest can be a great traffic generator.

* Present Seminars – By giving seminars you get to network with a lot of people as well as establish yourself as an expert in your field.

* Participate in Trade Shows – A great way to show off your products/services to qualified people.

* Write Short Articles – Articles are best if kept under 500 words. Keep a database of possible publishers who might have an interest in publishing your writing. Make a habit of submitting at least one a month. Many newsletters are constantly on the lookout for fresh material. Gives you credibility & visibility.

* E-books – Writing e-books is a form of viral marketing. When given away freely online it can literally get passed along to thousands of potential customers. Think of a topic you know a lot about and get to work. There are many e-book compilers available online to create the book, some free, some not.

* Specialised Directories – Everyone knows about getting listed in the major search engines, but what about directories? Do some research and find specialised directories that cater to your specific type of business and get yourself listed in as many as possible.

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