Skeletons in the attic

Skeletons In The AtticOnly my little sister and I slept up there, it was more a sort of converted attic than a true second floor. As well as bedrooms with very low dormer ceilings, there were little cupboard doors on the landing that lead out directly into the roof space.

I thought it was terribly romantic up there, the sort of place a princess would live in until her prince discovered her and swept her away… well perhaps not, but it was definitely the coolest bedroom I had ever had. I had suffered from the occasional bizarre dream in there where I would wake up sure that another child was asleep in the spare bed in my room, or I would wake up in the morning to find my colouring books and crayons spread out on the floor. I decided it was my little sister playing silly jokes on me, and the more I thought that, the angrier I got. She knew she wasn’t supposed to play with MY things.

My sisters room was pretty typical of the average 9 year old, she appeared to have hoarded everything that had ever passed into her hands and I decided it would be a challenge, and an excellent point scoring exercise, to give it a good spring clean. I was going great guns, tossing out all the stuff I considered junk, dusting, polishing, straightening and changing bedclothes etc.

Then I realised someone was watching me from the landing outside the room. I was pretty sure it was my sister spying on me to be sure I wasn’t trying to steal her precious treasures, or to try and rescue the things I was tossing out. I turned prepared myself to spin around and catch her out, I counted quickly to three in my head and spun around ready to yell “gotchya!”

The words died on my lips as I realised who, or what I was looking at. There stood a small figure on the landing, about the height of a four year old child and she appeared to be a good deal less solid than I would like. She wore a long cloak pulled up over her head that sparkled very softly, it appeared to be damp and the dull light was catching on the wetter places. She looked as though she had been standing out in the rain and gotten very wet indeed, her dull blonde hair was obviously soaked where it hung outside of her cloak. Closer to the ground, the figure became much less distinct, almost transparent until it disappeared completely about 6 inches from the floor.

We both stood staring at each other for what must have only been a few seconds, even though it felt like an eternity. Then a giggle burst from her lips, and she spun away appearing to run off and disappear.

I shrieked and ran downstairs shaking and pale. On the way past my room I noticed my colouring books and crayons strewn across the spare bed in my room, I had certainly not put them there, and it didn’t seem to me that anyone else in the house could have done it either.

“My goodness, you look like you’ve seen a ghost!” my mother laughed as I sped into the lounge room. Ha! If only she knew

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