Skincare is a part of being healthy

Once upon a time, life was simple. There weren’t computer screens, people smoking, illnesses being treated by medications, harsh sun effects thanks to global warming – the list goes on. But unfortunately that time has passed and we live in a world that is humming with activity on land and in the air. Our bodies, minds and spirits go through a hammering every single day and we need to learn to care for all of those areas to be able to remain healthy in this crazy world.

That is one of the reasons why skincare is something to which you should give consideration. Just by walking down the road, your skin is being invaded by harsh temperatures, sapping it of moisture and forcing it to try and protect itself by creating more oils. So our skin can become dry and cracked, or oily and blemished. We have the power girls to take charge and protect our delicate skin.

There are so many products to choose from, covering all price ranges. Some people use soap and they are happy with that. Scientists would cringe and say “NO!” but whatever suits you and your lifestyle is what you should choose. But honestly, a good skincare program will shower you with benefits that simple soap does not deliver.

Cleanser – removes surface oils that are prone to clogging pores, gumming up your skin. Removes daily dirt and dust that clings to our skin.

Facial scrub – removes dead skin cells allowing your skin to breathe. Also removes blackheads (the black oil in gummed up pores).

Toner – calms the skin and prepares it for optimum absorption.

Moisturiser – replaces the good oils into your skin and nourishes all of your skins needs. It creates a seal over your skin allowing the fresh new moisture to be retained through out the day or night.

Soap – strips oils and natural moisture. It may clean but it puts nothing back into the skin of true benefit.

A splash of water – does not remove dead skin cells. Does not cleanse away excess oils. Does not infuse good moisture and allow the skin to hold on to it.

So now you’ve got some information to make an informed(or partly informed) decision. Skincare will carry you into your elderly years. We’re all going to age, but how gracefully can you do it? Skincare is as important as cleaning your teeth – except that if your teeth fall out you can get man-made replacements; skin is very different and can’t be replaced as easily.

Make a wise choice for yourself. Allow the healthy glow inside yourself to become a glow that shines out of your skin.

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