Summer is here!

It’s no time to take a break from caring for yourself, so up and at ‘em ladies!

Summer is here…

and what are you doing about your skin?

It’s no time to take a break from caring for yourself!

Sun block is VERY important. Protecting ourselves down here in the Southern Hemisphere is extremely important, global warming is here and that sun just keeps getting hotter and brighter!

If you’re not wearing makeup with a SPF rating, then I really do suggest finding one. The same goes for moisturisers with a SPF rating… hey if you can combine the routine then go for it!

Our skin is going to be with us even on the day we die, so care for it while you can. Caring for it now means less chance of sun spots/age spots. And no this is not about vanity, it’s about pride in ourselves and showing the world that we’re worth caring for.

So remember the sun block, even on cloudy days. If you expect it from your kids then you had better set the example. I do know how hard that can be sometimes, as you’re rushing out the door to get to Playcentre, maybe I should print this article out for myself as a reminder! ;-)

Love the skin you are in, care for your body as well as your spirit, and show the world how wonderful you truly are!

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