The healing power of crystals

Crystals have been used for healing purposes for centuries, and have grown in popularity in recent years. Every crystal has its own special properties and benefits, and is used for a specific purpose.

When making the decision about which crystal to buy, it is best to go on instinct. Browse the crystals on offer, hold them, touch them, and see if one particularly jumps out at you. If you find yourself drawn to one crystal in particular, it is a good sign that is the one for you. You may be in need of the healing energy that particular crystal will provide.

Once you have made your decision and purchased your crystal, you need to cleanse of any built up negative energies that may have built up. There are many ways of doing this; you can leave the crystal on a windowsill for a week where it will be bathed in sunshine and moonlight. You can even bury it your garden for a week, but be sure you mark the spot you buried it in very carefully! Another method is to burn a small bunch of sage and pass the crystal through the smoke.

Once the crystal has been cleansed you need to program it to your intentions. For instance if you want the crystal to heal you, hold the crystal in your left hand and say, I program this crystal to help my body heal. Once this is done, the crystal is ready for you to use.

You should try and keep your crystals near to you at all times for them to work properly. If you wish to carry more than one crystal, a small pouch that can be carried in your pocket, purse or worn around your neck is perfect. That way your crystals can be close to your body at all times, emitting their healing vibrations. Of course wearing your crystals in jewellery has the double benefit of looking beautiful as well as healing you.

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