The secrets of sleep

What do our dreams mean?

The Secrets Of SleepThere can’t be many of us who haven’t wondered at some time what their dreams have meant. Dreams are your minds way of analyzing the things that have happened to you during your day. One dream can represent many different events at one time, meaning a dream can be about many things at one time. If you want to take your dream interpretation seriously, you will need an accurate record of what you have dreamt. The best way to achieve this is to write down your dreams immediately on waking; keeping a pad and pencil handy at bedtime can help. Our memory of our dreams fades very quickly on waking; so write down whatever you remember as soon as possible, as a reference when you try to interpret the dream later on.

Perhaps you’ve been wondering about the meaning of a recurring dream or nightmare? If you dream that you’re in a plane crash should you avoid flying? Here is our brief guide to dream interpretation; perhaps you can find some of the answers to your questions here.

Dreams about animals

Animals represent our own personal traits both good and bad. For instance, if you dream of a magpie stealing something, perhaps you are feeling guilty about something you feel you have stolen.

Dreams about automobiles

Vehicles that you are travelling in usually represent one of two things. The direction you are heading in life, and your body. The condition of the vehicle itself might give you some indication of the dreams meaning, and a hint as to the state of your own health. A rusted and dented old pickup truck would be one obvious example!

Dreams about children

In general, dreams about children are representative of something new in your life, perhaps the beginning of a new project. In this instance, it would stand to reason that how well the child does in the dream points to how well the project is doing in life.

Dreams about clothing

What we wear in life reflects many things, our mood, attitude, job, or personality. So it is when we dream. Interpreting dreams about clothing depends largely on the theme of the dream itself. Is it a scary dream in which you wore business attire? This would show that you are feeling insecure in your workplace.

Dreams about death

Probably the most commonly misunderstood dream would be that involving death. Dreams about death and dying usually represent major change. Perhaps you will be moving house soon, beginning a new job or even getting married. One old wife’s tale goes that dreaming of death means that a child will be born. That’s quite possible, since a child being born is about as major a change as you can get in life. But it is not the only interpretation by any means.

Dreams about buildings

The buildings you dream of are representative of different areas of your life. For instance, dreaming of a factory or office would pertain to your professional life even if you don’t work in either of these places because such buildings represent work. A kitchen would represent eating, a bathroom could stand for personal health and a bedroom could indicate that you are over tired of your love life!

Dreams about people

People in your dreams usually reflect some aspect of your own personality. If there is a particularly strong trait evident in a character in your dreams, that could represent a trait in yourself that you have been concerned about. For instance a character talking non-stop and obviously getting on others’ nerves could mean that you have been embarrassed by some of the things you have said lately.

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