Tips on remembering names

We have all been in that dreaded situation before, you are introduced to someone, you shake their hand and moments late you can’t remember their name. You fumble around in the conversation, hoping to gain some clue as to the person’s identity before you are found out.

The ability to recall the names of those to whom you are introduced, can give you a distinct edge in business. Walking up to someone you have only met in passing and calling them by name, flatters them and in turn ensures that they will remember you. It is obvious how much of an advantage such an ability could prove to be when applying for a job, or meeting new business contacts.

Everyone has the ability to memorise information, it is simply a matter of training your brain to give you ready access to the things you have already remembered. As in all skills there are tricks to improving your memory.

  • Writing down the name you wish to recall is a simple and very effective way of committing a name to memory. Jot down the name of someone to whom you were recently introduced several times while thinking of their face, this will help it stick in your mind. Probably better to do it somewhere private if possible of course.
  • When you are introduced to someone, say his or her name in your head several times over and over to help it stick.
  • Force yourself to concentrate fully when you are being introduced to a new person. Really think about their name and concentrate on their face.
  • Try to make a connection with the name and some familiar object to associate it with. For instance “Madison” think of “Avenue”. Anything to help keep the name alive in your brain.
  • If it is an unusual name, work on remembering the spelling of it. Go over the spelling in your mind several times to help it stick.
  • Try and make a connection between the persons name and occupation. For instance Jim the carpenter might be more memorable as “Jim the tool man.”

There are many different techniques for memorising names, and for enhancing memory in general. A visit to your local library should provide you with plenty of reading material if this is something you really would like to work on.

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