Under-eye bags and puffiness?

Under-Eye Bags and Puffiness?

  • Most important of all – get enough sleep.

    Lack of sleep means the skin around your eyes is almost guaranteed to swell. If you are going to have a late night on Saturday, ensure you get some extra hours kip on Sunday morning.

  • Sleep on your back with your head raised by two pillows.

    If you can sleep like this, fluid that usually collects under your eyes and causes them to swell and become puffy, will instead drain overnight.

  • Avoid foods high in saturated fat and get plenty of fibre in your diet.

    Regularity will help remove toxins from the body which will in turn reduce puffiness.

  • Use an eye gel twice daily on the thin, delicate eye area.

    Find one which has ingredients such as arnica, ivy or chamomile extract. Eye gels are wonderful for re-hydrating the skin and reducing dark circles and puffiness.

  • Treat yourself to a weekly eye mask.

    Just before going to bed, use a cooling gel mask (these are more concentrated than the daily eye gels) to encourage circulation while you sleep.

  • Treat yourself to a professional eye treatment at your salon every eight to ten weeks.

    Your face will be cleansed, then an eye mask applied to the under-eye area. A product is massaged in (either with the fingertips or by using a small wand-like instrument that is attached to a unit emitting a gentle micro-electric current for maximum product penetration). You take it easy and presto! Your bags will take a much-needed holiday.

  • If your eyes are puffy, don’t use a dark eyeliner, which only draw attention to your under-eye bags.

    To open up your eyes, use eyeliner along the upper lash line only.

  • Take it easy with the concealer; too much smeared on puffy tissue will result in a beauty disaster.

    Moisturize beneath the eye area to ensure the concealer glides on smoothly and does not add extra stress to the delicate tissues.

  • Experiment.

    Try applying icy silver shades or bright white on your lids to give the illusion of lift. Apply cosmetics between the inner eye and nose for instant lightness.

  • Puffiness and bags under the eyes hereditary?

    If so it may be necessary to consult a plastic surgeon who can suggest a cosmetic surgery solution.

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