Weak and peeling nails

Weak and Peeling NailsDo you have trouble growing your nails because they always split and break at the ends?

This can be caused by dry nails – often because they have spent too much time in water, handling harsh soaps and detergents or even hormonal imbalances. But don’t panic, dry nails can be cured: it just takes the right products and some perseverance.

The first step is to visit a nail salon for a manicure where your problems can be diagnosed. During a manicure your nails will be massaged with nourishing oils to stimulate growth. After the massage, your nails are shaped and smoothed with an emery board to a short manageable length.

Next your nails will be cleaned and scrubbed with a gentle exfoliating product (to prevent nail polish from peeling), followed by a base coat layer and two layers of nail polish. If you don’t wear a nail polish, your nails can be buffed in a protective cream to help prevent detergents and soaps from penetrating the nail. Try to have a manicure every week or fortnight until your nails stop peeling.

In between visits, keep your nails and cuticles hydrated by massaging them daily with a cuticle oil, available from the salon. Most important of all, always wear gloves when cleaning the house or washing dishes or even better get someone else to do them for you!

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