Wedding diary 1

Well, there are only 79 sleeps until the big day, seems like a long time when I say it like that, but so much to do! Having been in the business for so long, I’ve naturally opted to do quite a few things myself – making mine, the bridesmaid’s, and the flowergirls’ dresses, waistcoats and cravats for groom, bestman and page boy, the wedding cake, the desserts, invitations…

OK, I confess. Hello my name is Maryanne and I am a CONTROL FREAK.

Should have started this diary ages ago, so to catch you up on some of the preparation highlights:

· Howling my eyes out at work (open plan office, only woman out of 15) as I get confronted by the sheer lack of any bridal anything in a size 30. At that moment, I really got why women take drugs and go on nutty diets before their weddings – it was a blind panic. But it passed as I realised that there was really nothing wrong that stopping feeling sorry for myself wouldn’t fix! I went to buy shoes (any colour, I’ll paint them) only to find that in size 11-12, there was not even a plain court shoe this winter. So, I bought some funky winter boots instead and am getting maximum wear out of a pair of courts that I already own before I sacrifice them on the bridal altar and paint them gold, never to be worn again (gold shoes – only for brides and drag queens!) My faithful black corset has been overhauled by an expert, and stockings will be winging their way from NY via an old internet friendship.

· Faced with the prospect of having to wear makeup for a whole day, I started to notice the state of my skin and nipped along to the local alchemist for a facial. My skin is dry, I am told, and I need to moisturise. Usually I roll my eyes and think “says you,” to myself at this point, but thinking about the look of foundation over dry skin with gaping pores – roman ruins spring to mind – I bought some (very reasonably priced) moisturiser and have been cleansing toning and moisturising every morning. What a difference! My skin feels fabulous! This one will last well past the big day.

· Music has been fun too – for years I had thought to myself that if I ever got married I’d walk down the aisle to “The Last Rose of Summer,” as that is how I viewed myself – the last, special rose. Faced with an actual date, I found the lyrics on the internet (how did we EVER get by without it?) only to find that the basic plot of the song is – poor last rose, I pluck you and cast you on the compost heap with all the other deadheads – only slightly more poetic. Hardly a sentiment for a wedding!

So, what I have learnt so far is that while being a beautiful bride is not the provenance of the under size 14 (with less than size 10 feet), the commercial world certainly thinks so, but it’s nothing the internet and a bit of kiwi ingenuity can’t sort out. Getting married is an excellent excuse to start looking after myself at a whole new level, and friends are just the most precious gift in the world. What with those willing to travel long distances to be here, and those already here who are giving so much of their time and talent to support a reforming control freak, I am truly blessed.

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