Wedding diary 2 – 13 sleeps

Oiks! From 79 days to 13 with nothing in between, what does that say about organising a wedding? It is time consuming!

But today I had to report in and share this milestone of style – yesterday I could actually put my whole dress on for the first time.

This was previously impossible because of the way I construct wedding dresses – a sort of plug and play approach where each component – bodice, skirt, sleeves etc, is completely constructed separately, and only brought together near the end. Very sensible as it means that the bits requiring the most work, usually bodice and sleeves, stay small enough to put in a bag and therefore can be worked on just about anywhere. Yesterday afternoon I sewed that seminal seam, the one joining bodice and skirt in holy matrimony, and got to see it for the first time.

That bodice has been on the plane with me to Wellington, when my mum having a minor accident was the last straw and I simply had to go and spend some quality time with her. I sat with her in her shop and beaded while she served customers, many of whom knew all about the wedding and were delighted to get a glimpse of the bride and her bodice. It was a delight to experience the warmth of so many well wishing strangers. That bodice has been a big part of the last 3 months of my life, ever since its conception on the 21st June as a calico ‘toile’ fitted by by my mother and sister while I issued orders in an imperious way only family would tolerate (I blame my nerves).

I am not the only one who has contributed to this bodice. My step children, my fiancй, and several friends have all helped to sew, cut, bead, fit and generally cause this bodice to come to life.

In fact, this bodice IS my wedding. It’s a thing designed by me, but created together with the important people in my life. The pleasure I get from being able to look down upon it and know that it wasn’t just me is more than I can express. Once upon a time, I had to do everything myself, my way. These days I know that letting people be involved in my life makes life so much more enjoyable, and I won’t have that sense of anti-climax when it comes to the day that was once so familiar.

I’ve got a lot more sewing to do but when I put my dress together at last, I knew that I was on the home strait. As long as the house doesn’t burn down, it will all turn out.

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