What’s your frame of mind?

Eyewear is an expression of style, and today it can be as individual as the people who wear them. We now have plenty of choice in eyewear, just like we have choices about the clothes we wear. Your choice of eyewear can easily date you so try choosing a wardrobe of eyewear that reflects not only your lifestyle, but balances your face shape.

Dos and Don’ts

  • Do…get anti-reflective coating for your lenses. This will help others to see your eyes while at the same time helping you to see better.
  • Do…keep in mind that eyewear can be stylish; out of date glasses can be as unattractive as an old outfit.
  • Do…wear coloured frames-colour can change your glasses into a fashion statement.
  • Don’t…buy glasses that are so large they hide your eyes and most of your face.
  • Don’t…be afraid to have more than one pair of glasses. Eyewear is the accessory that is noticed the most because they frame your eyes.
  • Don’t…wear old-fashioned bifocals with a noticeable line. You will look out of style and out of date. Ask your optician about the new no-line progressive lenses.

Plastic Fantastics

A bold or funky frame grabs attention, which is why the trendiest of the trendy can’t stay away from the new plastic laminates.

From Bangkok to Bluff, plastics are everywhere, with black plastic rectangles winning the race for most popular frame of the season. These fantastic frames are created by layering different coloured plastics. Once the plastics are layered, a special machine cuts through them, exposing all the different colours. The end result? A chameleon-like frame that seems to change colour when you move your head.

Plastic frames come in all the shades of the rainbow including tasty shades like butterscotch, crisp green apple, and more than a dozen shades of red.

So next time you feel in need of some attention, put on your plastic frames, hold your head high, and don’t look back!

Heavy Metal

Metal frames are in. But the new slim metals are nothing like your grandmother’s metal frames. The new breed of glasses are fun, flexible and much less conservative than the wire frames of yesterday.

The metal frames are versatile and they look good on most people. Looking good is always in style – even in eyewear! Current shapes include pillowed rectangles, small ovals and walnuts (squared-off ovals).

Another great new look is the combined metals with the colour laminated plastic frames.

The combination metal/plastics allow you to be a wild party animal or the proper professional. So whether you sell stocks or stamps, the new metal frames and their combo counterpart are just the thing for a working girl with flair.

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