Your favourite colour

What do the colours you choose say about you?

Have you ever noticed that you can feel quite different when sitting in a room with red walls from when you are in a room with blue walls?

When you go to the doctors’, do you feel calm while you sit in his waiting room?

When you enter a dark, somberly painted room, do you feel a need to whisper?

Often, without realising it, your mood can be strongly influenced by the colours surrounding you. Colours can stimulate your senses and affect your body, mind, and emotions. That’s what the practice of colour therapy is all about. The use of coloured fabrics, stones, walls and lenses can all help improve a persons’ health and sense of well-being.

A good example would be where a colour therapist would suggest a patient wears blue coloured lenses to help ease anxiety. People react differently to colours and can also find that their favourite colour may change over time. By wearing different colours at different times or by using certain colours in a room you may be able to cheer yourself up, feel calm and relaxed or energetic and invigorated.

Do you want to be in a fun mood for a big party?

You want to give the right impression on a job interview?

Or you have a big exam coming up and you want to be on top form?

Take a look at the descriptions below and see what colour may help you:

RED strengthens, reflects will and sexuality. Red will help you meet the demands of the busiest day. If you have a tough day ahead, try wearing a red top or painting your fingernails a rich red to boost your energy levels.

GREEN offers balance, growth and calming and reflects the beauty of nature. Green may give you a sense of peace and help in times of stress or trauma. Take time out for a long walk through a tree-filled park or to read a book in a sunny, grassy spot.

VIOLET helps increase creativity. Think of a creative project you’d like to start and use the color violet as your main theme or wear a violet scarf when you need to come up with some ideas at work.

YELLOW helps to improve the thought process, intellectual power and mental sharpness. It is a happy bright colour and builds self-confidence. Start keeping a journal on yellow notepaper, and get some sunlight on your face.

INDIGO strengthens dream activity, will help boost your imagination and intuition and balance your mind. Throw on your favorite pair of jeans and a pair of indigo-tinted sunglasses.

ORANGE may help kick-start your emotions if you are feeling down in the dumps, self-conscious or nervous and will make you more sociable. Buy yourself an orange back-pack or handbag and take it with you on the days when you’re feeling low.

BLUE helps calm your nerves and brings relaxation when you are having trouble sleeping or feeling stressed. Buy some blue sheets for your bed and curl up with your favorite magazines for a relaxing night.

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