Abbreviations and symbols

Here are the abbreviations and symbols you will see in the nutrition counter.

  • cont = container
  • g = gram
  • mcg = microgram
  • mg = milligram
  • mL = milliliters
  • Na = not available; the product may contain this substance but the manufacturer or company does not list this information on the label
  • oz = ounce
  • pc(s) = piece(s)
  • pkg = package
  • serv = serving
  • tbs = tablespoon
  • tsp = teaspoon
  • w = with
  • w/o = without
  • percentage DV = percent Daily Value, the recommended intake of a nutrient based on a 2,000 calorie diet
  • 0 = none, zero, or an insignificant amount of B vitamins (<10% of two or more B vitamins) + = moderate amount of B vitamins (at least 10% of two or more B vitamins) ++ = high amount of B vitamins * = the figure given is an estimate and based on similar, generic food items for which levels have been provided by the FDA. We provide this information because food manufacturers typically do not reveal beta carotene and B vitamin content on their labels. The specific brand-name food may contain the same or different amount of the nutrients.

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