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I want to be alone

A man, who lost his wife to cancer, found himself wanting to be alone. In time he dropped out of his worshipping community and curtailed all of the activities he and his wife had shared for so many years. He increasingly kept to himself. He quit socializing at work and returned straight home to an [...]

I pledge alegiance

To all the things that are good about me…. And I shall from this day forward, No longer try to be everything to everybody. Nor will I be someone I’m not. I shall no longer use all my energies to fulfill the dreams of others while mine go unattended. I shall use my assertive right [...]

What lies beneath

A bra is the most definitive piece of clothing you will ever wear. It actually defines the age we live in – where would the 50′s have been without pointy, ‘atomic war-head’ bustlines, the 60′s twiggy look without, well, no bust at all, the 70′s without t-shirt bras, the ’90′s without the push up bras [...]

Reinventing your self-expression

Ages ago I wrote an article called Find Your Own Style. If you haven’t read it, I think it is worth a visit. This is because this approach to style has been transforming the lives of people around me, all kinds of people, and I want to elaborate on it some more because of the [...]

What to wear to your prom night

I’ve been asked this question several times so I thought I’d collect all my thoughts into one place. What should a plus size teen wear to her senior ball or prom? The answer is, anything that suits her. What does she want to wear? Something fashionable no doubt, being a teen, just like all the [...]

How high can you jump?

Flea trainers have observed a predictable and strange habit of fleas while training them. Fleas are trained by putting them in a cardboard box with a top on it. The fleas will jump up and hit the top of the cardboard box over and over and over again. As you watch them jump and hit [...]

Helping ourselves – breast cancer

Helping ourselves – breast cancer

If you are anything like me, breast cancer is something you always thoughts about, always worried about in the back of your mind, but never really believed could happen to you. I mean, it runs mostly in families right? And no one in my family had ever had it, so well, although it was certainly [...]

Wardrobe – friend or foe?

Does your wardrobe live in the past, or the present? A great friend of mine got inspired one Sunday afternoon and went through her knickers – of the 63 pairs she had in her drawers, she threw out 27! These dated back from her teenage years in some cases. I don’t know what tickled me [...]

Stressful postures

There are over 800 muscles in the body, so something as simple as sitting in front of a computer screen is a complex situation for your muscles. In trying to improve our posture, we often try sit up too rigidly. We are overcompensating with an arched back and strained neck – a position that’s impossible [...]

Grandmas shoes

When I was very little All the Grandmas that I knew Were wearing the same kind Of ugly grandma shoes. You know the kind I mean. Clunky heeled, black, lace-up kind, They just looked so very awful That it weighed upon my mind, For I knew, when I grew old. I’d have to wear those [...]